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Sunday, April 25, 2010

New chicks

So our new chicks came this past Tuesday.  Amazing how quickly one forgets how cute and little they are.  This time we have an Easter Egger, a Barred Plymouth Rock, and a mystery chick.  They said it was a Blue Andalusian but we looked at the pictures on their site and it clearly is not.  I think it's a Buff Orpington but I guess we'll be able to figure it out when she's older.

The big chick is full time in the coop now, which finally arrived.  The little chicks are still in the cardboard condo at night but spend most of the day in the enclosed lower area of the coop.  The big chick is suffering from severe sibling rivalry or maybe is just a natural bully; anyway, she has to be separated from them for the time being so she's in the chicken yard outside the coop.  All are fully enclosed and, we think, safe.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Wow, all these different kinds of chicks. I finally took a look at the chicken source website to begin to think about what we might get. I'll be interested in your assessment of the Easter Egger chick. Did you get any bantams? Or, what were your criteria? Ours would be heat tolerance, good egg laying, not needing too much space because our yard is not large and they'd need to be confined when we are not home.