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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Onions & Garlic

I finally got around to planting my shallots a couple of days ago.   It wasn't clear to me from the instructions if I was supposed to separate the bulbs into separate pieces or not, but I did.  If I understand correctly, it's just like planting tulips or any other bulb, i.e., they'll sit in the ground doing nothing until spring comes, then a miracle happens and up they grow.  However, the directions make it sound much more iffy than that.  Well, we'll see.

I planted the garlic a few weeks ago so I hope the occasional warm days we've had haven't fooled it into thinking that spring had come.  The weather has been crazy, fluctuating between 23 and 55 degrees F during the day and mostly freezing at night.  A couple of snow storms, too, rare enough in Atlanta to cause major road problems.  What's a farmer to do?