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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Black thumb?

I'm starting to think that I'd better leave the growing to my local farmers.  Of everything I've planted so far, only the tomatoes and the peas seem to be doing anything.  And of course my volunteer rhubarb.  Even my basil, which seeded itself last year, is letting me down.  Undaunted, this morning I planted a few more rows of beets and carrots, as well as a bed of zucchini and some corn.  Later today, the peanuts.  Of these, the only one that's sure-fire is the zucchini and it will go nuts.  How do they go from pickle-size to blimp overnight?

3 more chicks on the way and Dominique has built them an absolute fortress.  Will arrive possibly this week or next week for sure.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I'm having the same kind of problem. It's been very cool here and the seedlings just won't take off. I had pepper seedlings coming up on April 8th and I expected to come back (I've been traveling) to find them at least 1" high and they have done nothing at all. I'll end up buying seedlings from a nursery much to my dismay. Acorn squash seeds that sprouted in the compost are doing well though!