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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poultry and Plant Progress

Day 4 and the chicks are wildly exercising their wing muscles.  They all have feathers at the tips and I'm sure they'll be flying pretty soon.  Sarah arrived this morning and in the nick of time because I don't think they'll be cute very much longer.  At least not in that fluffy, helpless way.

Seedlings are starting to come up, despite the fact that I've lost the use of the greenhouse due to much-needed repair work.  The artichokes look really hardy, and I'm getting quite a few tomatoes and asparagus as well as basil.  The peppers and melons, though - nothing so far.

Could start direct seeding some things in the lower 40, like arugula, lettuce, cabbage, but it keeps raining so it's hard to get down to it.  Only 30% chance today so maybe I'll get to it.


Kim said...

Hi Janet:
How much land do you plant? Sounds like you've got a lot of space. I just put out leek seedlings last week and I noticed that the japanese eggplant seeds are starting to sprout. Nothing yet from my poblano peppers though. Of course, those were seeds I harvested myself and then it's been unseasonably cool outside. So, maybe I'll see something shortly. Or, start over. The garlic is doing well. I planted them all over throughout the flower garden and around the roses. It's rather fun. I'm now an expert in the different leaves of the leek, onion, garlic and narcissus! Kim

Kim said...

Hey fellow Femivore!
Did you know that was a word for what you're doing? See the short piece in today's NYTimes magazine. Of course I don't have chickens yet so I can't really count myself in. Have you read Shannon Hayes book 'Radical Homemakers'? It just came out, I guess. Curious what you think?

Janet said...

I haven't heard of "Radical Homemakers," I'll try to find it. Haven't seen the NYT article either but I still have the magazine - didn't quite get through it yesterday.